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Choose the Right Door

The front door of any house is the prime focal point of both visitors and casual observers. How it appears matters a great deal. When the current one isn’t looking so good and needs a replacement, a lot of considerations need to go into choosing its successor. Doors have both aesthetic and functional qualities. WhatREAD MORE

Single or Double Pane Windows?

Homeowners in Monterey County often encounter various window-related problems. Sometimes, they are forced to put up with a stifling house during summer. Other times, they just cannot feel sufficiently secure in their homes. In such cases, a window overhaul becomes inevitable. But to accomplish such a task satisfactorily, one must first determine the type of windowREAD MORE

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

A bathroom renovation garners one of the highest returns on investment. Today’s home buyers often look for a clean, modern, open design that flows naturally. A spacious interior layout is conducive to easily displaying the details of the room’s design, including lighting, custom vanities and fixtures. The bathroom is a room in the house whereREAD MORE

How to Choose the Best Windows for your Home – Monterey, CA

Milgard Windows conducted a survey aimed at finding out what homeowners in the cities of Salinas and Monterey need the most when it comes to window replacement. Our results indicate that most people lack the necessary knowledge on how to choose the best apertures for their homes. It is apparently quite difficult due to theREAD MORE

3 Smart Ways to Use Mirrors in Small Spaces

Mirrors are not just used for reflections. They can also open up a small space to make it look significantly larger. People in large cities who are forced to live in smaller apartments tend to use this trick to make their homes look much larger for a fraction of the cost of a space withREAD MORE

4 Ways Natural Light Will Boost Your Mood

If you find that you are often tired or irritable throughout your work day, it may be due to something other than your 2:00 pm crash. It may be due to poor lighting. Many people do not give much thought to their lighting, so long as it is easy to see what they are doing.READ MORE

Using Windows to Open Up a Tiny Space

Whether in your home or your place of business, space is at a premium. Small spaces can feel claustrophobic, and the wrong design choices can add to the cramped feeling. Read on to see how the right window choices can open up you space. Windows Placement A window doesn’t have to be huge if youREAD MORE

7 Ways a Skylight Can Improve Your Home

Skylights have been used for several decades and continue to remain a popular fixture on residential properties. Many people choose to install skylights to enhance both the quality and comfort of their home. When determining if your home can benefit from a skylight, there are a few factors to consider. 1. Incorporate Natural Light SkylightsREAD MORE

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